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By: InterContinental Cleveland / 09 Mar 2024
Cleveland Night at 150


Cleveland is fortunate enough to have access to one of our nations five Great Lakes, all of which are part of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Thanks to this vital natural resource our city's port is considered international. The Port of Cleveland is involved in $4.7 billion in economic annual activity, and moves approximately 13 million tons of cargo per year. Their impact also includes $240 million in state and local tax revenue and is linked to over 20,000 jobs. They are essential in making Cleveland more competitive not only on the local and national level, but also globally. Now, the port of Cleveland, as part of a larger improvement plan, and along with a grant from the US Department of Transportation, is reinvesting in its future. Their board recently approved the appropriation of $32.1 million in state and federal grants to help renovate and modernize the port. Part of the rehabilitation will include their electrification program, which is part of their Net Zero Emissions Master Plan, whose strategy is to have net zero emissions by 2050. Their ultimate goal is to become one of the most environmentally responsible ports in the nation.


Local chef and restauranteur Eric Rogers opened his restaurant, Black Box Fix, in 2015. He pulled much of his inspiration from the lessons he learned cooking with his grandmother as a child. The initial location for his popular eatery was in Cleveland Heights' Cedar Lee District but he later moved it to Legacy Village in 2017. That same year an opportunity presented itself to open a bakery in his restaurant's former location with coowners Robert and Allison Craig. The Sweet Fix Bakery, formerly known as Craig's Divine Desserts, immediately became a neighborhood favorite. They offer everything from peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, and cupcakes, to cookies, brownies, and ice cream. They also have vegan and gluten free options available. Meijer Fairfax Market, just off the Cleveland Clinic Campus, recently partnered with the bakery, to offer prepackaged sweets at their store. The Sweet Fix Bakery is open Tuesday-Thursday, 9am to 4:30pm, Friday, 9am to 7:30pm, and Saturday, 12noon to 5pm.
Cleveland Museum of Art:
  • From Dreaming to Hiking to Hiking: Korean Landscape Paintings, Opens March 1st
  • Into the Seven Jeweled Mountain: An Immersive Experience, Opens March 15th
  • Carpets and Canopies in Mughal India, Opens March 22nd
  • Monet in Focus, Opens March 31st

Cleveland Cavaliers:
  • March 3rd vs. New York Knicks, 7:00pm
  • March 5th vs. Boston Celtics, 7:00pm
  • March 8th vs. Minnesota Timberwolves, 7:30pm
  • March 10th vs. Brooklyn Nets, 7:00pm
  • March 11th vs. Phoenix, Suns, 7:30pm
  • March 20th vs. Miami Heat, 7:00pm
  • March 25th vs. Charlotte Hornets, 7:00pm
  • March 29th vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 7:30pm

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